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EPDM Membrane

OBEX CORTEX EPDM Membrane is a flexible membrane which is used to create water and airtight seals around openings such as windows, doors and SFS sections on construction projects.  Cortex EPDM has excellent water resistance properties and is BBA approved for façade applications.

The use of CORTEX EPDM is limited under the England and Wales building regulations. Refer to the OBEX Technical team for further details.

Typical uses include;

  • Weather & airtight seals around windows, doors and curtain walling systems
  • Weather & airtight seals from SFS sections to the concrete frame
  • Top of parapet walls
  • Balcony waterproofing

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Product Specs


50mm - 1500mm




0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm


BBA Agrément Certificate 175396

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionWidthThicknessLengthBox Quantity
OBEX CORTEX EPDM Membrane - 0.5mm
10.0500.002OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane50mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.007OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane100mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.011OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane150mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.016OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane200mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.021OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane250mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.023OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane300mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.026OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane350mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.027OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane400mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.028OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane450mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.029OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane500mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.030OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane550mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.031OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane600mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.032OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane650mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.034OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane700mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.035OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane750mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.036OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane800mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.038OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane900mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.040OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane1000mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.044OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane1200mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.045OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane1250mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.046OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane1300mm0.5mm20m1
10.0500.048OBEX CORTEX 0500 EPDM Membrane1500mm0.5mm20m1
OBEX CORTEX EPDM Membrane - 0.6mm
10.0600.001OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane50mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.004OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane100mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.007OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane150mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.009OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane200mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.013OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane250mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.014OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane300mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.016OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane350mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.018OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane400mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.019OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane450mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.020OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane500mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.021OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane550mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.022OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane600mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.023OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane650mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.024OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane700mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.025OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane750mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.026OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane800mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.032OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane900mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.033OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane1000mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.036OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane1200mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.042OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane1250mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.043OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane1300mm0.6mm20m1
10.0600.040OBEX CORTEX 0600 EPDM Membrane1500mm0.6mm20m1
OBEX CORTEX EPDM Membrane - 0.75mm
10.0750.006OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane50mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.012OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane100mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.021OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane150mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.029OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane200mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.038OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane250mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.045OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane300mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.053OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane350mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.060OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane400mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.067OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane450mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.072OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane500mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.081OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane600mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.086OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane650mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.092OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane700mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.097OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane750mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.099OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane800mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.102OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane850mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.104OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane900mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.107OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane950mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.108OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane1000mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.110OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane1050mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.112OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane1100mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.113OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane1150mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.114OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane1200mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.115OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane1250mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.116OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane1300mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.118OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane1400mm0.75mm20m1
10.0750.119OBEX CORTEX 0750 EPDM Membrane1500mm0.75mm20m1
OBEX CORTEX EPDM Membrane - 1.0mm
10.1000.003OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane50mm1mm20m1
10.1000.008OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane100mm1mm20m1
10.1000.012OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane150mm1mm20m1
10.1000.019OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane200mm1mm20m1
10.1000.023OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane250mm1mm20m1
10.1000.025OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane300mm1mm20m1
10.1000.029OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane350mm1mm20m1
10.1000.030OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane400mm1mm20m1
10.1000.032OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane450mm1mm20m1
10.1000.035OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane500mm1mm20m1
10.1000.037OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane550mm1mm20m1
10.1000.038OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane600mm1mm20m1
10.1000.039OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane650mm1mm20m1
10.1000.041OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane700mm1mm20m1
10.1000.042OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane750mm1mm20m1
10.1000.043OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane800mm1mm20m1
10.1000.046OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane850mm1mm20m1
10.1000.048OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane900mm1mm20m1
10.1000.049OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane950mm1mm20m1
10.1000.051OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane1000mm1mm20m1
10.1000.053OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane1100mm1mm20m1
10.1000.054OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane1200mm1mm20m1
10.1000.055OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane1300mm1mm20m1
10.1000.057OBEX CORTEX 1000 EPDM Membrane1500mm1mm20m1
OBEX CORTEX EPDM Membrane - 1.2mm
10.1200.001OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane100m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.002OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane150m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.004OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane200m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.005OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane250m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.006OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane300m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.007OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane350m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.008OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane400m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.011OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane500m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.014OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane600m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.020OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane800m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.022OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane1000m1.2mm20m1
10.1200.024OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane1200mm1.2mm20m1
10.1200.025OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane1250mm1.2mm20m1
10.1200.027OBEX CORTEX 1200 EPDM Membrane1500mm1.2mm20m1
OBEX CORTEX EPDM Membrane - 1.5mm
10.1500.001OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane50mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.004OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane100mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.005OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane150mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.007OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane200mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.008OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane250mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.009OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane300mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.010OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane350mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.011OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane400mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.012OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane450mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.013OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane500mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.014OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane600mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.015OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane700mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.017OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane800mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.018OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane900mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.019OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane950mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.020OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane1000mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.021OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane1200mm1.5mm20m1
10.1500.022OBEX CORTEX 1500 EPDM Membrane1500mm1.5mm20m1

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