Black/White Low-Tack Tape

OBEX CORTEX S070012BW-N Black/White Low-Tack Protection Tape & Film is a versatile, UV-resistant, low-tack tape that provides reliable protection of window and door frames and other sensitive surfaces against dirt and damage from processing, storage, and transportation. Particularly suited to textured surfaces, this low-tack protection film’s natural rubber adhesive ensures that it is easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue or damaging the surface underneath.

The S070012BW-N low-tack protection tape and film is available in various widths and lengths to suit your specific needs and can be custom-slit to suit your exact requirement. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting against surface damage caused by dirt or manufacturing and installation processes.

Typical Uses

  • Low-tack protection tape for use on smooth or textured surfaces including stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium, PVC, PVDF, polyester, acrylic lacquers, plastics, ceramics, marble.

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  • 6 Months Exposure 6 Months Exposure
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Product Specs


10mm - 1200mm


100m, 250m, 500m



Technical Specs

Type of Film

Polyolefins, UV stabilised




70 micron (0.07mm)

Type of Adhesive

Natural Rubber

Adhesive Strength

175cN/cm (Stainless Steel)

Outdoor Exposure

Maximum 6 months

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionWidthLengthColourPack Qty
30.70012BWN.001OBEX CORTEX S070012BW-N Protection Tape30mm100mBlack/White60
30.70012BWN.002OBEX CORTEX S070012BW-N Protection Tape50mm100mBlack/White36
30.70012BWN.003OBEX CORTEX S070012BW-N Protection Tape60mm100mBlack/White30
30.70012BWN.004OBEX CORTEX S070012BW-N Protection Tape80mm100mBlack/White18
30.70012BWN.005OBEX CORTEX S070012BW-N Protection Tape100mm100mBlack/White18
30.70012BWN.007OBEX CORTEX S070012BW-N Protection Tape250mm100mBlack/White6

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