U-Profile Protection Foam

Introducing our extensive range of OBEX CORTEX U-Profile Protection Foam, specially designed to give edge protection on products such as doors, windows, glass, curtain wall mullions and transoms, and handrails.. This U Profile Foam Protection provides superior edge protection and can be easily customised and cut with a safety knife and moulded to fit the precise shape you require.

Our U-Profile Protection Foam is made from foamed polyethylene and synthetic rubber, ensuring excellent memory retention so it won’t bend or lose its shape after application. This non-abrasive material is supplied in 2M lengths, and is available in an array of sizes and profiles to suit your specific application.

Our U-Profile Protection Foam is also ideal for safeguarding window edges and glass products, helping to maintain health and safety during installation processes on site. With outstanding temperature resistance (-40°c up to 100°c), our U-Profile Foam Protection profiles are suitable for various climates and environments, making them an excellent choice for products destined for export.

In addition they are 100% recyclable, offering an eco-friendly solution to meet this requirement.

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Product Specs


15mm - 100mm



Technical Specs

Temperature Resistance

-40°c - 100°c

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