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OBEX SPEEDSTER 0300 Tape Applicators - the ultimate solution to all your profile protection tape application requirements! Read more

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Full Product Description

OBEX SPEEDSTER 0300 Tape Applicators – the ultimate solution to all your profile protection tape application requirements!

With its consistent, reliable alignment with the profile, the OBEX SPEEDSTER enables rapid tape application, improving output and productivity. Its integral precision cutting blade creates a very clean cut to the end of the protection tape, ensuring a neat and professional finish, while the twin rollers mean you can say goodbye to wrinkles and bubbles leaving a seamless and professional application, every time.

The OBEX SPEEDSTER is not only efficient but also incredibly easy to use. Its quick and easy reloading feature makes it a breeze to operate, while the 50mm and 100mm wide applicators are also available in left or right-handed options, ensuring maximum usability for everyone. There’s an additional 200mm wide variant for the application of protection tape to extra wide profiles and extrusions.

There are a host of additional benefits including no need for large capital outlays on costly tape machines, increasing your profitability.  You can also be sure your products are properly packaged and protected during transit reducing damage and associated remedial costs.

OBEX SPEEDSTER; the ultimate in tape application technology.

Typical Uses

  • For applying OBEX SPEEDSTER protection tape to glazing profiles, quickly and efficiently.

Replacement Parts Available Please See Product Codes Below

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Technical Specs


50mm Applicator - Left & Right Handed
100mm Applicator - Left & Right Handed
200mm Applicator - Right Handed

Dimensions (w) x (h) x (l)

50mm Applicator - 70 x 270 x 268mm
100mm Applicator - 120 x 270 x 268mm
200mm Applicator - 238 x 270 x 268mm


50mm Applicator - 1.40kg (2.45kg Including Case)
100mm Applicator - 2.10kg (3.35kg Including Case)
200mm Applicator - 3.25kg (6.95kg Including Case)

Product Order Codes

OBEX SPEEDSTER 0300 Profile Protection Tape Applicators

Product CodeDescriptionSizeVersionPack Qty
50.0300.004OBEX SPEEDSTER 0300 Tape Applicator 50mmR/H1
50.0300.005 OBEX SPEEDSTER 0300 Tape Applicator 50mm L/H1
50.0300.001OBEX SPEEDSTER 0300 Tape Applicator 100mmR/H1
50.0300.002OBEX SPEEDSTER 0300 Tape Applicator 100mmL/H1
50.0300.003OBEX SPEEDSTER 0300 Tape Applicator 200mmR/H1


Product CodeDescriptionSizePack Qty
50.0302.004OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Application Roller50mm1
50.0302.002OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Application Roller100mm1
50.0302.003OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Application Roller200mm1
50.0302.006OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Cutting Blade50mm1
50.0302.005OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Cutting Blade100mm1
50.0302.007OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Guide Roller50mm1
50.0302.008OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Guide Roller100mm1
50.0302.009OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Guide Strip1
50.0302.001OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement PTFE Guide Strip6mm1
50.0302.010OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Nylon Screws For PTFE Strip1
50.0302.011OBEX SPEEDSTER Support Arm1
50.0302.012OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Compression Spring1
50.0302.013OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Adjuster Screw1
50.0302.105OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Roll Holder Mandrel50mm1
50.0302.014OBEX SPEEDSTER Replacement Roll Holder Mandrel100mm1

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