Cosmopur 819 1-Part Adhesive

Cosmopur 819 is a 1 part, solvent-free,  joint-filling and universally applicable polyurethane assembly adhesive with a fast reaction time and a viscoelastic adhesive joint. It is mainly used for bonding aluminium corner brackets in window and door construction, but is also ideally suited for a wide variety of construction and assembly bonding.

Typical Uses

  • For bonding mitre joints during the manufacture of aluminium windows and doors.


  • Viscoelastic adhesive joint
  • Solvent-free
  • Thixotropic, does not drip
  • Swells (foams) during the setting process!
  • Joint-filling
  • Fast and uniform curing
  • Good adhesion properties to various wood and building materials, ceramics, metals, thermoplastics and thermoplastics with appropriate pre-treatment of the surfaces
  • Achieves stress group D204 for wood gluing in accordance with DIN EN 4
  • Can be painted over with many colour systems
  • Can be sanded when cured
  • NEW: Increased storage stability to 24 months
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Product Specs

Cartridge size


Box Quantity



Black or White

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionSizePack Qty
40.0363.001OBEX CORTEX Cosmopur 819 - White310ml20
40.0363.002OBEX CORTEX Cosmopur 819 - Black310ml20

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