Board Joint Sealant

OBEX CORTEX 0280FR Board Joint Sealant seals the joints and fixing heads on the OBEX CORTEX 0270FR Class A1 Score ‘N’ Snap Cement Board. 

The 0280FR sealant has been tested as part of the EN 1364-1 system using the CORTEX 0270FR Board and CORTEX 0290FR Board Screws to achieve a 60 minute & 120 minute fire rating.

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  • EI60 Certified EI60 Fire Test Component
  • EI120 Certified EI120 Fire Test Component
  • Solvent Free Solvent Free
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Product Specs



Box Quantity


Technical Specs

Fire Resistance | EN 1364-1

EI120 - Pass

Application Temperature

+5°C to +40°C

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionSizeBox Quantity
20.0280.001OBEX CORTEX 0280FR Board Sealant600ml12

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