Sealing Patches

OBEX CORTEX 0816FR Sealing Patches are single-sided adhesive patches used for sealing the fixing heads on sheathing boards. They have been specifically developed for use on surfaces such as Cement board, Calcium Silicate board, Gypsum board and many other surfaces and are reinforced with scrim to ensure maximum strength and durability across the lifetime of the bond.

The patches are highly resistant to both high and low temperature extremes, as well as exposure to UV and remains flexible across the lifetime of the product.  The unique acrylic dispersion adhesive maintains a high level of performance during exposure to moisture, increasing the lifetime of the seal, especially for construction materials subject to expansion and contraction.

Typical Uses

  • For sealing the fixing heads on sheathing boards.
  • 3rd Party Certified 3rd Party Certified
  • EI60 Certified EI60 Fire Test Component
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Product Specs


50mm x 50mm

Qty per roll


Application temperature

+5°C recommended

Technical Specs

UV Resistance

2 Years

Temperature resistance

-30 to +100°C

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionSizeQuantity per rollBox Quantity
10.0816.001OBEX CORTEX 0816FR Sealing Patches50mm x 50mm4008 rolls

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