Contact Adhesive

Class B – EN 13501-1

OBEX CORTEX 0778FR Class B Contact Adhesive is a non-flammable adhesive which is used to bond the CORTEX 0500FR Membrane.  It has been specifically developed for bonding membranes to most common building substrates, giving instant grab and high adhesion levels.

The adhesive is applied evenly to both surfaces with a brush or roller and dries quickly with a flash-off time of around 10 minutes.

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  • Class B Class B
  • Solvent Based Solvent Based
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Product Specs


5 litre


10m² per tin

Application Temperature

5°C - 30°C

Storage Temperature

5°C - 25°C

Shelf Life

12 Months

Technical Specs

Fire Classification



OBEX CORTEX 0778FR Contact Adhesive Installation Guide

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionSizeBox Quantity
20.0778.001OBEX CORTEX 0778FR Contact Adhesive - Class B-s1,d0 5 litre 1

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