Landspitali Hospital, Iceland


Reykjavik, Iceland

Main Contractor


Landspitali Hospital is the largest hospital in Iceland, with 700 beds and training facilities for healthcare professionals. In fact, it is the largest single building in Iceland.

The 30,000m² façade was designed, manufactured, and installed by Staticus, for what is the largest and most complex project in Iceland to date.

Staticus had to address some completely new challenges due to the extreme Icelandic weather conditions, as well as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. For example, the façade had to be designed for wind loads of up to 4.5 kN/m².

This meant that the façade membrane system also had to achieve the highest levels of performance, as well as comply with the fire classification requirements. Accordingly, OBEX worked with Staticus to ensure that the correct membrane systems were installed on this iconic project.

Staticus Project Overview

30,000m² Total FaçadeArea
700 Patient Beds
€47 million Total Façade Value
8 OBEX Products

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