OBEX CORTEX 0824FR Double-Sided Tape has excellent bonding properties and very high ageing resistance.  Developed especially for use with the CORTEX range of Breather and VCL membranes to ensure that a high performance installation is always achieved.

The special properties of the adhesive ensure that the bond is always maintained, even through the impact of movement, moisture and vapour.

The tape is reinforced with scrim to ensure maximum strength and durability across the lifetime of the bond.

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  • EI60 Certified EI60 Fire Test Component
  • EI120 Certified EI120 Fire Test Component
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Product Specs

Standard Width




Application Temperature

+5°C recommended

Technical Specs

Ageing Resistance

Very high

Temperature Resistance

-30 to +100°C

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionWidthLengthBox Quantity
20.0824.005OBEX CORTEX 0824 Double-Sided Tape50mm100m5

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