Architect Support

At OBEX, we understand the complexities that architects face when specifying through-wall and construction membranes for relevant buildings.  Our dedicated support provides tailored solutions to meet all project requirements with confidence.

  • CPD’s
  • Compliance Advice
  • Performance Requirements Advice
  • Technical Detail Support
  • Technical Literature
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    Architect Support

    Compliance Support

    We work closely with architects to ensure that the details of the Building Safety Act and the Government Regulations are understood and complied with.  Third-Party Certification from BBA and Kiwa has been accredited to the OBEX products.

    Performance Support

    Our team will assist you in specifying façade membranes and systems that have been tested to the correct EN standards for performance and compliance.

    Detail Support

    Our Technical team are very happy to discuss specific project details, to ensure that the correct membranes are specified at every point.


    Enhance your team’s knowledge and skills with our CPD seminars, led by experienced industry professionals.

    Technical Literature

    Access our extensive library of technical literature, providing comprehensive product information and installation best practices.

    Main Contractor Support

    Another key area of support is for main contractors, ensuring the successful implementation of fully compliant, high performance solutions across your projects. We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your specific needs, helping you excel in today's competitive market.

    Main Contractor Support

    Design Support

    Expertly integrate membranes into your projects with our knowledgeable design support, optimizing performance and compliance.

    QA Support

    Deliver quality and consistency with our rigorous QA support, ensuring excellent results and peace of mind on every project.

    Demonstrations & Compatibility Testing

    Experience product confidence with our hands-on demos and compatibility testing, enabling seamless integration in your construction process.

    Regulations & Compliance Advice

    Stay up-to-date and compliant with our advice on the regulations, ensuring your projects always meet the required industry standards.

    Fire Risk Reduction

    Prioritize fire-safety and minimize the hazards with our guidance on fire-spread reduction, for safer buildings.


    Expand your industry knowledge and expertise through our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars, led by seasoned professionals.

    Manufacturer Dialogue

    Benefit from our close relationships with manufacturers, enabling product customization and effective problem-solving.

    Sub-Contractor & Installer Support

    OBEX is dedicated to empowering sub-contractors and installers with comprehensive support for through-wall and construction membrane applications. Our tailored services ensure a smooth and efficient installation processes, contributing to your project’s overall success.

    Sub-Contractor & Installer Support

    Free On-Site Installation Training

    We offer FREE on-site training for your install team to ensure that our products and systems are installed correctly and according to our installation guidelines.

    Free On-Site Support for Technical Challenges

    Overcome technical obstacles quickly and efficiently with our free on-site support, ensuring a seamless installation experience every time.

    Free QA Support

    Maintain high-quality standards with our free on-site QA reporting, bringing peace-of-mind with every project.

    Next-Day Delivery on Stock Items

    We provide next-day delivery on core stock items, ensuring your projects stay on track.

    Custom Slitting Service

    Experience flexibility with our custom slitting service, providing tailored membrane sizes for precise installation and minimized waste.

    Direct Supply

    We can deliver to your offices or direct to site at no extra cost – the choice is yours.