Service FAQ's

How do I obtain technical documents for your products?

Please contact our Customer Service Team and request the documents required, which will be sent to you via email.

Technical Document Request

Do you offer a before 12:00 or Saturday delivery service?

Before 12:00 or Saturday deliveries are available by request at the point of order. They are subject to orders being placed before 15:00.

Do you offer next day delivery?

All orders placed before 15:00 are normally despatched on a next-working-day delivery service. This service does not apply to special order items.

What are your opening times?

We are open from Monday - Friday from 07:30 - 17:00 excluding public holidays.

Do you provide installation training?

We offer a FREE installation training service - please click on the link below to enquire.

Installation Training Request

Product FAQ's

Why do I need to use an ISM (Interface Sealing Membrane) rather than mastic, to seal around a window or along board edges?

An Interface Sealing Membrane has specific properties that make it suited to perform its primary function of creating a weather and airtight seal.

As well as the necessary features of resistance to water penetration, and a compliant Fire Classification, it is also very durable and flexible which enables it to cope with temperature expansion or contraction and building movement.

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How do I clean dried adhesive/primer off windows, or surfaces that it shouldn’t be on?

Our adhesives and primers are made to be very robust and have a long service life. As such, they are not easily broken down by cleaning chemicals.

The best way to remove dried or cured adhesives/primers is by mechanical means with a scraper or similar, using a suitable lubricant (not supplied by OBEX). Care should be taken not to damage any sensitive surfaces such as paintwork.

Once most of the residue has been removed, a solvent cleaner will help to further clean up the surface.

How do I dispose of your products?

Protection film can be recycled in line with local authority regulations.

Empty paste adhesive foils, primer and contact adhesive tins are classified to EWC 15-01-10 - described as "packaging containing residues of or contaminated by hazardous substances".

Does OBEX supply a fire-classified Paste Adhesive?

Yes, two actually.

CORTEX 0210FR is a Class A paste adhesive. This is used to bond the CORTEX 0200FR Class A Membrane, so that each product achieves Class A in its own right.

CORTEX 0771FR is a Class B paste adhesive. This is used to bond the CORTEX 0500FR Class B Membrane, so that each product achieves Class B in its own right.

Does OBEX have a Class B breather membrane?

Yes we do. Please use the link below to view our Class B solution.

CORTEX 0520FR Class B Breather Membrane

Are OBEX CORTEX products 3rd Party Approved?

Yes, our products are approved by either BBA or KIWA.

OBEX Accreditations & Policies

Technical FAQ's

What is the minimum temperature I can apply paste adhesives in?

The OBEX CORTEX Paste Adhesives can be applied from 5°C and rising. This applies to both air and surface.

What should the membrane bond-width be on non-porous materials?

You should allow for a minimum 50mm bond width on all non-porous surfaces such as window frames, SFS and other similar construction surfaces.

What’s the minimum fire-classification for materials used within facades, on buildings taller than 18 metres with sleeping accommodation?

The minimum fire classification is Class B-s3,d0.

Regulation 7 & Approved Document B

What should the membrane bond-width be on porous materials?

You should always allow for a minimum 100mm bond-width on all porous surfaces such as concrete, sheathing board or other similar construction surfaces.

Compliance FAQ's

Are OBEX CORTEX products 3rd Party Approved?

Yes, our products are approved by either BBA or KIWA.

OBEX Accreditations & Policies

Do I need to use fire-classified materials on relevant buildings?

As set out in Approved Document B Regulation 7, materials used in the construction of the external wall need to be fire-rated to Class A2-s1,d0 with some exemptions for Class B-s3,d0 for certain materials. Please see our Knowledge Centre Article for more information.

Regulation 7 & Approved Document B

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