The OBEX line of fire-classified solutions has established a prominent reputation within the construction industry.

Leveraging our extensive expertise and knowledge, we have curated a cutting-edge suite of services and solutions that are tailor-made for the modular industry. Our distinct delivery approach ensures that your specific needs are met with utmost precision and satisfaction.

One-Piece, Class B, Module Roofing Membrane

OBEX CORTEX 0400FR is an extremely robust, Class B fire classified, highly flexible membrane designed for the covering and sealing of the roof section of modules. This industry-first, one-piece membrane is a game changer, providing significant time savings whilst also removing any potential issues associated with membranes joints and their integrity.


» One-piece membrane cut to any length
» Class B fire classified
» No joints required
» Less sealant or tape required
» Improved air and weathertight seal
» Reduced installation times

"This product is so easy to apply - we save 50% of the labour costs and labour time. All of the components are really high quality and we are excited to use this product for all of our modular construction projects."

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One-Piece, Class B, Module Roofing Membrane

OBEX Modular Packs

We have combined all of our innovative solutions for the Modular Industry into one simple Modular Sealing System - making it easy for you to receive everything you need for your projects from one source.


+ One Piece Roof Membrane
+ Sheathing Board
+ Window sealing membrane
+ Paste Adhesives
+ Breather membrane
+ VCL membrane
+ Installation tapes


+ Reduced Installation Times
+ One Pack per Module
+ Ease of Product Specification
+ Simplified Quotes & Costings
+ Increased Efficiencies

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OBEX Modular Packs

OBEX Modular Bespoke Height Cement Sheathing Boards

Included in the Cortex FR Modular Sealing System is our revolutionary new OBEX CORTEX 0270FR Score ‘N’ Snap Cement Sheathing Board.

Now available in bespoke lengths to support the modular industry, our revolutionary OBEX CORTEX 0270 Score’N’Snap™ Cement Board combines the durability and weather resistance of cement based boards, with the speed and workability of Gypsum sheathing boards and can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications.

The lightweight board has a unique construction of a fibreglass mesh embedded into a mixture of cement, aggregate and other inorganic materials.


+ Reduced Waste
+ Less Cutting
+ Improved Cost Efficiency

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OBEX Modular Bespoke Height Cement Sheathing Boards

Our Accreditations - Your Peace Of Mind

BBA British Board of Agrément

OBEX products have third-party approval from BBA (British Board of Agrément), to ensure that their CORTEX Interface Sealing Solutions comply with all relevant performance standards.

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KIWA BDA Agrément

OBEX utilises KIWA BDA Agrément, an accredited global third-party testing organisation, to ensure that their products comply with industry regulations and performance standards.

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OBEX has achieved ISO 9001 certification, the standard that provides a framework for organizations to maintain and continuously improve their quality management systems and processes.

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