EI60 and EI120 are fire-resistance classifications for building components, such as walls, doors, and windows, which indicate the time period during which the component can resist fire and prevent the spread of fire from one compartment to another.

In the context of SFS (steel framing systems) through-wall, EI60 and EI120 ratings indicate the fire resistance performance of the entire system, which includes the steel frame, insulation, plasterboard, sheathing panels, and any other relevant components.

At OBEX Protection Ltd we specialise in the development and supply of fire-classified building envelope components. After extensive development, we have conducted the world’s first fire tests on SFS through-wall constructions which included both breather and VCL membranes, and obtained EI60 and EI120 fire ratings for these systems.

The fire tests conducted included both internal and external exposure to fire, which means that the SFS through-wall constructions were tested from both sides, inside and outside which included the membranes – essential components of the building envelope – and are responsible for controlling moisture and air movement within the wall assembly.

The inclusion of membranes in the fire tests is significant because it ensures that the fire rating certification covers the entire system, including all the components that are critical for the performance of the façade construction. This means that the certification is more comprehensive and reliable, and provides better assurance to building owners, architects, designers, and regulators that the SFS through-wall constructions with breather and VCL membranes meet the required fire safety standards.