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ISM Silicone Rollers

Upgrade your CORTEX Big Bucket with the OBEX CORTEX 0803/0811 ISM Silicone Rollers.  These industrial-quality rollers are available in two sizes – 45mm and 100mm.

Equipped with heavy-duty silicone rollers, they are designed to provide consistent and smooth results and the comfortable wooden handle ensures easy handling and reduced fatigue during extended use.

These rollers are essential for ensuring maximum contact between membrane and paste adhesive, ensuring the best possible bond.

Typical Uses

  • For ensuring maximum contact between membrane and paste when bonding membrane to the substrate.
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Product Specs


45mm / 100mm

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionWidthPack Qty
40.0803.002OBEX CORTEX 0803 Silicone Application Roller45mm1
40.0811.001OBEX CORTEX 0811 Silicone Application Roller100mm1

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