Black/White Low-Tack Tape

OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Black/White Low-Tack Protection Tape & Film is a versatile, UV-resistant, low-tack tape that provides reliable protection of window and door frames and other sensitive surfaces against dirt and damage from processing, storage, and transportation. The low-tack protection film’s natural rubber adhesive ensures that it is easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue or damaging the surface underneath.

The S10004BW low-tack protection tape and film is available in various widths and lengths to suit your specific needs and can be custom-slit to suit your exact requirement. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting against surface damage caused by dirt or manufacturing and installation processes.


Typical Uses

  • Low-tack protection tape for use on stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium, PVC, PVDF, polyester, acrylic lacquers, plastics, ceramics, marble
  • 6 Months Exposure 6 Months Exposure
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Product Specs




100m, 250m, 500m, 1000m



Technical Specs

Type of Film

LDPE, Three-Layer Co-Extruded, UV Stabilised




100 Micron (0.1 mm)



Type of Adhesive

Natural Rubber

Adhesive Strength

N/50mm = 10 - 12 (stainless steel)

Outdoor Exposure

Maximum 6 months

Product Order Codes

Product CodesProduct DescriptionWidthLengthColourPack Qty
30.10004BW.003OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape20mm100mBlack/White90
30.10004BW.004OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape25mm100mBlack/White72
30.10004BW.005OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape30mm100m60
30.10004BW.006OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape35mm100mBlack/White48
30.10004BW.008OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape40mm100mBlack/White42
30.10004BW.010OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape45mm100mBlack/White36
30.10004BW.011OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape50mm100mBlack/White36
30.10004BW.012OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape60mm100mBlack/White30
30.10004BW.013OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape65mm100mBlack/White24
30.10004BW.014OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape70mm100mBlack/White24
30.10004BW.015OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape75mm100mBlack/White24
30.10004BW.016OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape90mm100mBlack/White18
30.10004BW.017OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape100mm100mBlack/White18
30.10004BW.018OBEX CORTEX S10004BW Low Tack Tape150mm100mBlack/White12

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